Individual Psychotherapy


As a therapist, I will take your lead and start where you are at. I work diligently to understand each client and employ elements of interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance, and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness and relaxation, and harm reduction to create an approach that best suits the individual(s) I am working with.

One-on-One Sessions

In individual therapy, I will work with you to address your immediate concerns, while at the same time laying the foundation for increased personal growth, greater authenticity, and an enhanced capacity for joy.

Our first sessions focus on understanding your situation and treating you with respect and compassion. I am here to help you with your thoughts and feelings, and even during the most intense moments, I will be here to help you understand your life and change the ways you feel about yourself in a more positive light. I will answer questions confidentially, and we together will develop treatment strategies that work with you to meet your goals and discover a healthier life. 

Young smiling lady at rehab therapy session