Hello, Connecticut! I’m Andrea Glover, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a passion for women’s mental health. Today, let’s explore the unique challenges concerning women’s mental health in Connecticut and explore the array of services I offer to support mental well-being.

Connecticut’s Unique Landscape for Women’s Mental Health

Connecticut is a state of diversity, and with diversity comes unique challenges. From perinatal concerns to broader women’s mental health issues, Connecticut residents experience a range of stressors. As an LCSW licensed in Connecticut, New York, and California, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to address these challenges.

Perinatal Mental Health in Connecticut:

One area that demands special attention is perinatal mental health. Having a certification in perinatal mental health (PMHC) and completing Core 1 in Reproductive Mental Health through the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, I understand the delicate nature of this phase. Whether it’s prenatal or postpartum concerns, my focus is on providing holistic support to women navigating the beautiful yet challenging journey of motherhood.

Comprehensive Services for Women:

In my practice, I offer a wide range of services personalized to the needs of women in Connecticut. From psychotherapy to psychoeducation, coaching, and consultation, my goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health. These services extend to adults, older adolescents, and families, ensuring a supportive environment for diverse individuals.

Cross-Cultural Expertise:

Connecticut, just like any major city, is a melting pot of cultures, and my practice reflects this diversity. I bring extensive cross-cultural experience, having worked with individuals from various ethnic, racial, cultural, religious/spiritual groups, and sexual orientations. This inclusivity is fundamental to providing effective and sensitive mental health care.

Collaboration with Carrot Fertility:

Beyond my private practice, I collaborate with Carrot Fertility, a global fertility benefits provider. As the Fertility Mental Health Clinical Consultant, I offer Expert Chat Sessions to those undergoing fertility treatments or embarking on a family-forming journey. It’s a privilege to be part of a support system during these significant life moments.

Connect with Me

For those seeking a compassionate and experienced ally in their mental health journey, I invite you to explore my services and approach. Here, you’ll find more information about my background, services, and a direct link to schedule a consultation. Connecticut, your mental health matters. With a focus on women’s perinatal mental health in Connecticut and beyond, I am here to provide the support and guidance you deserve. Let’s navigate this journey together, ensuring a brighter and more resilient future for all women in the Nutmeg State.